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Ohh Stranger, Let's become friends (rating community)


Please bear with all of the loose ends until this community gets to where I’d like it to be.
This is a rating community. However, the goal of ohhstranger is to create a tight-knit circle of friends among members. Applications are “rated” and judged in order to sense if a person will fit in to our community. People who apply are encouraged to do so, only if they are seeking friendship and support (as well as normal rating community styled activities). Applicants are judged on the way they express themselves through the application, as well as the pictures they provide.

Currently, there are FIVE auto-accepts.

New applicants that are applying for one of the five auto spots, please fill out this application form.

general rules.
(for applicants and members):
1.) All entries must be friends only.
2.) Please TAG all entries!!!!
3.) Being genuine and blunt is encouraged, but so is being respectful.
4.) Save the drama for your mama. There are plenty of other communities out there that live for drama, if that’s what you seek… apply to one of those.
5.) If you have any questions, concerns, comments (etc), feel free to contact your Mod, 13weeks
*Please note that members and applicants are encouraged to express themselves freely. Rules are made and kept in order to keep the community organized and running smoothly. Rules are subject to change with a mod post.*

Coming soon.

applicant rules.

1.) Your application must be friends only.
2.) Tag your application with the “application” tag.
3.) Do not edit your application without a request and approval from 13weeks.
4.) Do NOT delete your application. Note that upon submitting your application, you are agreeing to be subject to scrutiny.
5.) Please respond to all sway votes.
6.) Do not comment in any entries outside of your application until you have been stamped. Once you have been stamped, feel free to comment on any other posts or applications.
7.) Subject: Hi, my name is ______. Lj-cut: Very nice to meet you.
8.) EVERY applicant (even auto-accepted members) must have a Salute. A salute is a picture of you with your username @ Ohh Stranger (A salute for LJ or another community is acceptable, unless requested by a mod or a member to provide one for ohhstranger).

member rules.

1.) All entries must be friends only.
2.) Please tag all entries with the following: member – member name, activity post.
3.) You may put more than one activity in a post, but please make sure you tag all activities.
4.) In order to receive points for an activity, the number of points must be put in the subject line. If you do more than one activity in a post, the total points must be included as one number. Any points not added in the subject line will not be counted.
5.) Members must be active. In order to remain in the community, each member must accumulate at least 100 points at the end of each month. Members who join in the middle of the month, must accumulate 50 points. Members who join at the end of the month, must accumulate 25 points.
6.) Being active doesn’t just mean participating in monthly themes, but also commenting and connecting with the other members. Lack of community in a member will be noticed and addressed.
7.) Voting – please put vote (either Yes, No, or Sway) in the subject line of a comment. Whatever else you write in the comment box is up to you.